Thursday, December 16, 2010

Writing a Storm to Quell the Storms

These past few weeks have been busy, what with the climate conference in Cancun. Many seem cheered that world leaders are back negotiating after the train wreck that was Copenhagen. However, meaningful targets are still not set to avert runaway global warming.

Working behind the scenes to ensure the world does not slip into the unthinkable are grassroots groups slogging it out to make some kind of difference.

One of those groups is the Citizens Climate Lobby, of which I am now a member. We have blasted the media with proposed op-eds and letters to the editor throughout the conference. The following is an op-ed I wrote on behalf of the Citizens Climate Lobby that published this week. I take issue with the Prime Minister's assertion that getting real about climate change will put millions out of work:

Just before the world met in Cancun for climate talks, Conservatives in the Senate -- abetted by the prime minister -- deprived Canadians of legislation that would address the pressing problem of global climate change and also usher in a prosperous clean energy economy. Continue reading

Finally, I’d like to end with a little holiday cheer from Jane and me to you. Happy Holidays!!!

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