Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buy Nothing Day this Friday

Friday, November 26th is Buy Nothing Day. It’s a day of non-action action to give us pause before launching into the buying frenzy that is known as Christmas.

Now some may argue that holiday gift giving helps drive the current economy (as the current economy drives us over a cliff). But really, the current economy is not very sustainable.

I love receiving and giving gifts as the next person. I also like giving a livable planet to my niece and nephew. That’s a nice gift.

When celebrating the holidays, please celebrate taking action for a sustainable economy. Whatever you give, please consider:

  • Ensuring the receiver will really use it, that it won’t fall apart or be forgotten in a matter of minutes
  • That it’s carbon slim
  • That it’s locally made and doesn’t poison anything
  • That it’s helping your local economy
  • That it doesn’t spoil anyone rotten

Whatever you buy, please make sure it’s not on Friday. On that day, let’s celebrate what makes us truly happy…. Please don’t say that only shopping makes you happy, because that’s sad.

Happy Buy Nothing Day!

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