Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unelected Conservative Senators Kill Bill C-311 before debate

In a surprise move, unelected Conservative Senators defeated Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act 43 to 32 without debate and before being sent to committee. The last time something like this happened was 70 years ago.

This demonstrates a profound lack of respect for the will of the majority of elected representatives.This troubling development also sets a dangerous precedent, calling to questions future legislation supported by elected Members of Parliament.

Now in the weeks leading to the climate summit in Cancun, the Canadian government has further demonstrated its disinterest in meaningful action on one of the most pressing problem of our time.

It is important to let our elected MPs, the Prime Minister and the unelected Senate know that this action is not cool. Please contact:

Your MP

The Prime Minister -

Leaders of the opposition parties:

They can also be reached at 1 (866) 599-4999


Write letters to the editor. Let citizens know about this dangerous precedent on Facebook and Twitter.

Ask the questions:
  • Why did unelected Conservative Senators delay due process on legislation supported by elected representatives?
  • Why did they call the surprise vote without debate and committee review, when many opposition Senators were unavailable to vote?
  • Why is Prime Minister Stephen Harper stacking the Senate with Conservative Senators, when he made it clear he wants an elected Senate?
  • Will unelected Conservative Senators choose this tactic to kill future legislation, supported by elected representatives, that Harper does not like?

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