Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heatless in Toronto

I have been terribly remiss with my Carbon Slim blog. There has been nary an installment in weeks. No, I haven’t been suffering from Writer’s Blog Block. I’ve been busy. Busy getting the Citizens Climate Lobby Toronto off the ground, and busy with Transition Toronto.

Both initiatives are grounded in local action to avert the climate crisis, and are replicated in other cities and towns. Both stem from proven methodologies and allow for adaptively in local regions. And the people I meet through these channels are inspirational.

I do want to blog about these initiatives in the weeks ahead. And I will. Really.

In the meantime, I want to let you know of a little video that I and other Citizens Climate Lobby members worked on as a fundraiser for our lobby efforts. We submitted a video to People for Corporate Tax Cuts, a tongue and cheek campaign to draw awareness to the absurdity of corporate tax cuts in Ontario, which amounts to $500 per household. The contest asks us what we are willing to give up so big corporations can have their tax cuts. The winner receives $500.

This is our answer (and we won the contest!)

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Virginia said...

Cheryl, video is fascinating - great job indeed! Toronto is a city with many gorgeous people living ´green´ with plentiful possibilities to get involved. We are doing a great job, guys!