Thursday, December 03, 2009

DreamBank – Goodbye Unwanted Gift. Hello Dream Fund!

The holidays are weeks away and everyone’s figuring out how to celebrate without breaking the bank. Debt is never very merry. Neither are ho ho humdrum gifts that are rarely used after the merry-making has subsided. According to DreamBank, 83% of Americans received unwanted gifts during the 2006 holiday season. Where do those unwanted gifts end up? What a waste of money and carbon!

Recently, I stumbled on DreamBank. DreamBank is an online gift registry and community for dreamers. Dream of a weekend spa retreat? A trip to New York City? A cross country train trek? Original art in your home? A camera? Why not set up your dream page and invite your friends and family to contribute during the holidays, on your birthday or whenever.

So long strange sweaters, books you’ll never read and plastic holiday fare. When asked what you want for the holidays or your birthday, send them to your dream page.

Wanna see my dream page!? – I love photography!!

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Victoria said...

Hey Cheryl,
Great Post, thanks for blogging about DreamBank!

I hope you get your dream camera in time for the holidays.. keep dreaming!

(and the DreamBank Team)
Give Dreams. Not Stuff.

gee said...

I love this idea Cheryl! Does Dreambank benefit Kiva everytime or do you get to choose whom it helps?
Very very cool! (just like you)

Cheryl McNamara said...

Thanks Gee,

DreamBank provides a variety of charities that you can choose to support.