Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hug a Wind Turbine and Green & Credit-Free Holiday Giving

Toronto Hydro
If you live in Toronto, please lend your support to Toronto Hydro’s proposal to test wind capacity off the shore of Lake Ontario. This proposed test is a first step towards a possible offshore wind farm near the east end of the city. The project will also require a full environmental assessment prior to moving forward. If all goes well, it is anticipated that the offshore wind farm could produce 575,000 MWh electricity per year, saving 287,500 tonnes of CO2 annually and providing much needed employment in Ontario.

There is some opposition to the project from folks in south Scarborough. I’ve read their points of concern and much is based on faulty information. Your voice is needed to give Toronto Hydro the public blessing it needs to conduct preliminary research.

Please click here for a sample letter to send to Ontario’s Minister of Natural Resources.

Please click here to sign an online petition lending your support.

For more information on the project:

Toronto Environmental Alliance (Frequently asked questions on the project)

Toronto Hydro Energy Services (Proposal Information)

The Annual Green (and Debt-Free) Guide to Holiday Giving
It’s good to give. The last thing I want is for my loved ones to ring up a ridiculous amount of debt in the process. I certainly don’t want that for myself. But it’s difficult, isn’t it?

We want to demonstrate through spending that we love our friends and family. Hmmm…. What’s wrong with this picture?

The average American household’s credit card debt jumped from $2,966 in 1990 to $9,840 in 2007, according to author and journalist, Gary Weiss. The shopping demands during Christmas haven’t helped. Now that we’ve hit a wall with the credit crisis, our spending habits have got to change.

The root of happiness is not located in your wallet, despite popular belief, but in meaningful relationships. Make the holidays thoughtful and debt-free this year. Here are some ideas when planning your gift-giving.
  • Make a pledge to go debt-free this Christmas, and share this pledge with family and friends with whom you exchange gifts. The pledge could include giving without spending a dime or giving under $10. You could also pick from a hat one family member to give to.
  • Give yourself a focus such as giving gifts that are used, self-made or locally-made. Used gifts may include a favourite book you want to pass on, a piece of jewelry or article of clothing. Make it personal.
  • Rather than a gift, arrange for a holiday get-together such as a potluck dinner party or holiday skate. Small gifts could include fair trade coffee or chocolate, local wine, organic socks or gloves or a fun service such as a manicure at an organic spa.
  • Give on behalf of a loved one to a charity that is important to you and them.
  • Think of your local economy. Invest in your local restaurants, theatres and other cultural attractions.

For more holiday gift ideas click here.

In the News

So much in the news is depressing these days. Here are some good news stories on the eco-front:

Plumbing the oceans could bring limitless clean energy

Rona vows to buy only eco-certified lumber

OPG testing biomass fuel in coal-fired power plants

City plans five-cent bag fee

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