Thursday, October 01, 2009

Insulation Rocks!

While fall is rearing its ugly head outside, my house was celebrating summer. The morning temperature in Toronto this week has been single digits. Inside, it’s been 20 degrees Celsius and the furnace is not on.

I know this seems obvious, but insulation really does make a difference to home comfort. It’s night and day – or fall and summer.

I must thank Green$aver for doing such an expert job in insulating our house. At first I had a na├»ve moment and actually considered renting a machine to do the job myself. It’s far far better to hire a company such as Green$aver that knows how to properly pack walls with cellulose. The Green$aver team also laid in insulation in our attic and crawl spaces – no easy feat with our house. These guys got into places I would not dare to go.

The Green$aver team was also very considerate, explained what they were going to do and were mindful of our pussy cats.

These days installing insulation does not entail tearing down walls. However, it does require opening up hose size and sometimes man size holes in walls to pump in the cellulose or get access to crawl spaces. It’s still a major job. Jane and I are in the process of painting the patched up walls. We’ve been meaning to repaint the hall and upstairs rooms anyway, and this has been a great incentive to do so. If you’re going to insulate, prepare to paint.

Happily I discovered that Benjamin and Moore has come up Eco Spec WB, a paint that is free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

C-Day: Fill the Hill

For those of you who can make the trek to Parliament Hill on October 24 for C-Day: Fill the Hill, arrangements are underway to transport folks to Ottawa. Click here for more details.

C-Day: Fill the Hill will be the largest rally on climate change in Canadian history. The stakes are incredibly high. World leaders are meeting in Copenhagen in December to chart a course on greenhouse gas emissions. If they set a course below the targets recommended by scientists, they are dooming our immediate descendants to runaway global warming which will lead to mass species extinction. Make a difference while you still can. Join us on the Hill on October 24 and/or contact your MP and the Minister of the Environment to let them know you want binding and science-based targets on greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Be sure to take action on this issue. For the sake of your children and everything you hold dear.

In the News

E.P.A. Moves to Curtail Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Ice Bear helps utilities keep their cool – Jim Harris, former leader of the Green Party of Canada, is now writing a column in the Financial Post on why ‘green’ makes good economic sense.

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