Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hallowgreen, Green Dreams and Save the World


Halloween is creeping up. Will it be a truly creepy holiday replete with genetically modified candy, toxic makeup and plastic wrappers that will last several vampire lifetimes? How does one enjoy the holiday without having eco-horror nightmares?

To help you green Halloween, Bordon Communications & Design offers the following handy handbook -

Green Beds

Speaking of preventing eco-horror nightmares, Jane and I happened upon a great new retail outlet for eco-friendly mattresses and bedding. It's called Keetsa and it offers beds - get this - at prices comparable to their toxic equivalents. Why? Keetsa compresses the mattresses to make them portable, thus cutting down on warehouse and transportation overhead. The beds are very comfortable. If you live in Toronto, visit their retail outlet in the Beaches (2245 Queen Street East) to test them out. You can also buy comfort layers for the lumpy pull out couch to give visiting relatives a good night rest.

International Day of Climate Action

Tell your kids, nieces, nephews, grand kids, etc. that you actually did something to save the world. Sadly, this statement is not hyperbole. Join hundreds of thousands worldwide on October 24 - the International Day of Climate Action - and tell our leaders to set science based greenhouse gas reduction targets on climate change. World reps meet in Copenhagen this December to chart a course over the next 40 years. We better get our targets right. Now is the time to act. Join us on Parliament Hill for C-Day: Fill the Hill, where there will be among other things a 1000 person flash-dance, or join one of many events happening near where you live. Make climate change history.

The Yes Men Fix the World

This fantastic documentary opens today with national release on Oct 24. I saw it at the Toronto Hot Docs Festival last spring. Hilarious and sobering all at once, The Yes Men take social activism to a whole new level. Don't miss it!

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