Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fishy Disappearance

North America’s west coast salmon are disappearing. Why? Overfishing and salmon farms have decimated wild salmon populations. Sea lice multiply in fish farms and find their way into west coast waters where they cause havoc.

If you are wondering why wild salmon is so expensive, now you know.

Where have all the salmon gone?

Collapse of Salmon Stocks Endangers Pacific Fishery

What to Do
Support sustainable fishing practices. World fish stocks have dwindled up to 90 percent since 1950 because of over-fishing and whole-scale destruction of oceanic ecosystems. Happily there are fishers out there who would like to see a future in their trade. Support them.

To assist, several environmental organizations, including the David Suzuki Foundation, produced Canada's Seafood Guide, a handy document on what fish to buy and what to avoid.

Be part of the solution. If we are not, we can expect the collapse of world fish stocks within forty years.

Ask at the supermarket and at restaurants where the fish came from. Was it farmed? The more we ask, the more will listen, such as Loblaw.

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