Monday, August 31, 2009

C-Day - Historical Climate Action for my Niece & Nephew

I will not stand idly by and let climate change devastate our biosphere. I am committed to reducing my carbon footprint, and I am committed to joining thousands on Parliament Hill on October 24 to demand from our government meaningful action on climate change.

And I’m doing all of this for my 5-year old niece and 3-year old nephew. I think of them a lot. What will their lives be like decades from now? Will they face a hopeless future because we’ve surpassed the tipping point on climate change, or will they thank you and me - our generation - for steering humanity towards sustainability?

Join me and thousands of others on October 24 in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. Write to your MP and the Environment Minister. Let them know we want Canada to lead on climate change during the Climate Conference in Copenhagen this December. They are signing a new climate treaty, a new road map to steer us away from climate catastrophe. Canada has been more than a hindrance than a help leading up to this conference. This is unacceptable.

In the future, you will tell your your children, grandchildren, and/or nieces and nephews that you made Climate Change History when you joined thousands in Ottawa on October 24, 2009 and told our government to do the right thing on climate change.

I am Filling Parliament Hill for Lauren and Keefe who are 5 and 3 years old. Who or what are you Filling Parliament Hill for?

About C-Day Fill the Hill (

C-Day: Fill the Hill is the focal point of the largest climate action to ever take place on Canadian soil. Climate Day is about Canada Coming together to demand Change. It is a Culmination, a Critical mass, a Call for action, a Cultural tipping point. C-Day is about active Citizenship. We need to show the world that Canada Cares about its Children and the future of Earth. Join us as we Converge on Parliament Hill to demand government Commitment to a Cooler earth and Climate justice.

On October 24 –’s International Day of Climate Action – millions of us in virtually every country on earth will stand in solidarity for a sustainable future. Canada is responding with a movement that rustled in the grassroots, became a whisper on the wind, and has grown to a chant nationwide: FILL THE HILL!

Who: You, thousands of fellow heroes, and all of the friends and family you bring along!

What: A history-making mass mobilization to show our Parliament that, “Yes they can” make wise and just decisions when it comes to climate change. C-Day: Fill the Hill is the focal point of the largest climate action to ever take place on Canadian soil. This will be a day to remember.

Where: Parliament Hill, Ottawa – you won’t miss it. There are simultaneous events across the country for those good souls who cannot make the trek to The Hill.

When: October 24th -’s International Day of Climate Action. While we Fill The Hill, we stand in solidarity with millions of people in cities around the world in a global call for fair and binding climate agreements in Copenhagen.

Why: There are boundless reasons to Fill The Hill and we would love for you to tell us yours. Who are you marching for? Seriously. Send us a message, a video, a letter, a tweet.

How: Very simply – just get on The Hill.

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