Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Earth Hour times Many

Hey - Earth Hour was a blast. I hope you all had a chance to celebrate. As with my group, many turned out lights, lit candles and peaked their heads through the blinds to see which neighbours turned out the lights and which didn’t. Earth Hour was part of my birthday celebrations with family and friends. What a perfect way to celebrate a new year for me.

So how did we do? According to the World Wildlife Fund, energy consumption in Toronto fell by 8.7 percent. In that one hour, BC and Ontario alone saved 1025 MW of energy. That’s 20.5 million lights! That’s equivalent to taking 12,525 cars off the road. That’s just one hour! That’s you and me and hundreds of thousands of others working together for a common purpose.

The purpose of Earth Hour of course is to raise consciousness of our energy consumption. What are we doing to conserve energy? Are we doing enough? Where does our energy come from? Nuclear? Coal? Hydro? Renewable energy? Are we investing in a company like Bullfrog Power where our utility costs go toward wind and low impact Hydro? Does our utility company offer such an option?

Let’s think of Earth Hour as Earth Hours. Reduce the load on the biosphere and reduce your utility bill too. Click here for tips on how to do so if you're not doing so already.

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