Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Hour is Upon Us – Lights Out

What will you do when the lights go out? Will you be the one to turn them off?

Earth Hour is upon us. On Saturday, March 29th at 8pm everyone on the planet is asked to turn off their lights if they have lights to do so. It’s a symbolic gesture to unite everyone around the world to mitigate global warming. So far 60 Canadian towns and cites and 30,000 citizens have signed up to do so. This makes Canada a world leader to date in the Earth Day commitment. Just under 150,000 individuals worldwide have signed up until now.

Sign up today and add your name to growing list of people ready to flick off on the 29th.

So where will you be? How do you plan to celebrate? Here are some ideas:
  • Throw an Earth Hour party. Invite friends over for a local/organic potluck. Dine by candlelight.
  • Patron a participating restaurant. Invite friends and impress others with brainy conversations on sustainability.
  • Take a walk through the city or your neighbourhood. Enjoy the evening sky.
  • Get all cozy and romantic.

Earth Hour is brought to you by the World Wildlife Fund. It began in Sydney last year and involved more than 2 million individuals and businesses. In that one hour, Sydney saved 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Tell your friends and workplace about it. Get them involved.

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1 comment:

sp said...

We're in. We'll be switching off the power and I'm hoping to do a completely raw meal for us to enjoy by candlelight.

I'm hoping we can make it a regular event here in whoville.