Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Karma Spooky Candy

It’s autumn! By now you’re well into enjoying your cozy fall attire…except if you’re living in southern Ontario where, up until Monday, it was still summer! The roving reporter on Toronto’s CityTV gushed that the balmy Thanksgiving weather was wonderful. And it was – for a person with an IQ of a small child.

But enough of my b*%ching. Halloween is just around the corner. How fun is that! Now that Jane and I have a cute little house with a white picket fence we have no choice but to do Halloween in style!

But what are a couple of eco-warriors to do when most Halloween candy and chocolate bars are made possible by child and slave labour, not to mention dodgy environmental practices?

Can we have wholesome Halloween candy and would it be edible too?

You bet your fair trade organic chocolate!

Now I know our adult instincts instruct us to throw something truly wholesome in the loot bags…like raisons. But honestly, will the little monsters eat them? Perhaps when the candy runs out and they’re desperate.

Here are some fun tasty options that will make a positive impact. Some of the following may be sold at eco-grocery or green-positive stores. You can also order online through the links below. Please plan ahead to ensure that your trick or treat good-karma goodies get to you in time for the big night:

Geo Exchange
Your online fair trade Halloween candy shop. You can buy fair trade milk chocolate gold coins from a coop in Ghana – just $3.95 per 22 pieces.

You can even buy a Fair Trade Trick or Treat Action Kit for $15. Toss in a fair trade postcard when you throw in the chocolate. A little something for the parents - especially when their children inquire about them and expect an intelligent adult answer. Am I being too hopeful?

Get your kids to take part in the Reverse Trick or Treating campaign. Get them to hand out fair trade chocolate to the people handing out lousy trade chocolate.

Endangered Species Chocolate
Proceeds go to help save endangered species. You can get Dark Chocolate Halloween Treats. They are not organic. For organic alternatives, select Organic Chimp Mints or Organic Milk or Dark Chocolate Bug Bites. The latter are pricier but proceeds do support a great cause.

Vegan Essentials
For those who prefer candy to chocolate, here are some organic alternatives.

Organic Fruit Snacks
This may be more acceptable than raisons. Try Stretch Island's "Fruitabü" Organic Smooshed Fruit snacks. Mmmm…I’d go for those.

In the News

The Canadian Ministry of Environment drastically cut several vital wildlife monitoring services in a shortsighted attempt to beef up action on global warming. The feds don’t seem to understand that wildlife protection and global warming are actually linked. Take action now. Nature Canada makes it easy for you – click here.

A Good News Story:
Seattle’s Recycling Success Is Being Measured in Scraps

Gee-I’m-Not-Shocked Stories:
Canada Among Top For Third World Support, Bottom For Environment

Bush, Harper evade climate-change action

A Horrifying (No No No!!) Story:
Pollution `beyond worst-case scenario'
(Greenhouse gases are not technically pollution, FYI)

A Book Review:
Taking Canada's Temperature on Climate Change
Sounds like a good read from a Canadian perspective.

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