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Green Clothes

While you’re pondering the virtues of vegetarianism or organic meat, consider that meat eaters are responsible for 1.5 tonnes more GHG emissions than vegans, according to researchers at the University of Chicago. Aside from…ahem…the methane output, a vegetarian/vegan diet is a positive force in the fight against global warming.

For those of you who like your seafood, check out the fish list – a site that explains what to enjoy and what to avoid. Thanks to Margot Miller for this link -

TO Do This Week
Now that we’re going organic, let’s start thinking about organic clothing and bedding.

What’s the Big Deal? Much I’m afraid. The cotton industry uses 25 percent of pesticides world-wide even though it accounts for .03 percent of the world’s crops. The dye used to colour clothing is very toxic, often containing benzidine, chlorides, naphthalene, sulfonates and other heavy-metal compounds that get dumped into rivers and streams. How much that gets absorbed in our skin, God only knows.

Happily, more and more organic cotton farms are popping up. Some local ‘green’ stores are carrying organic clothing and bedding and Cotton Ginny has recently introduced their organic clothing line. Just like fruits and veggies, organic cotton products may be showing up more and more in mainstream stores. I do encourage you to chose organic over non-organic as it will only strengthen the market.

Of coursed synthetic clothing is problematic because they are made from petroleum products. Leather and fur should be avoided because of the inhumane manner in which the animals are treated.

Just a few organic cotton and hemp sites:

Other Things You Can Do:

- Buy used or recycled clothing. It’s hip to wear clothing that ‘appears’ to be used. Why not buy the real deal?
- Some fashion designers use recycled clothing, go organic and/or avoid fur at all costs. If you love your fashion, why not check them out?
- Bored of your clothes? Why not have a clothing swap party?
- Never throw out clothing. Always send to Goodwill, Value Village, the Diabetes Society and the like.


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