Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cows’ burps and Tofu Tongue Sandwiches

For all you carnivores, this one’s for you….

TO Do This Week

No more, Where’s the Beef? Less is best. But you’re a carnivore. You love your meat. So when you get a hankering, I recommend that you mosey on over to a health food store or butcher that sells organic meat. Organic is more expensive than what you’d find at the supermarket. This makes it easier to buy less. Think quality over quantity. After all, you deserve nothing but the very best. It also encourages you to vary your diet. There are some wonderful vegetarian cookbooks out there. And tofu tongue sandwiches are really not that bad….

What’s the Big Deal? You’re going to love this one…

Cows’ Burps: The Ugly Truth.... When cows belch, they release methane in the atmosphere. I kid you not. Methane is a powerful GHG. But really, how much methane can one cow emit? Try 200 litres per day. In the USA alone, all that cow belching amounts to five million tonnes a year. I wonder how much methane we produce? According to Dave Reay in Climate Change Begins at Home – humans produce a few hundred millilitres a day…and that’s not from belching. Like it or not, those of us who are vegetarian contribute in our own small way to global warming. What a world!
• The cattle industry uses a ridiculous amount of water. For every 1 kg of beef that you consume, 100,000 litres of water was used.
• Cattle are responsible for more livestock land use than any other animal. They contribute to common water pollution due to animal waste and toxic water pollution due to chemicals applied to feed grains.
• Cattle are pumped with chemicals and steroids. They are treated like products, and are not respected as creatures that are part of nature. I don’t think that eating a half crazed animal pumped with chemicals and god only know what else is very good for you health. It’s certainly not good for the animal or the planet.
• Eating red meat everyday is not good for you health. Eat less meat and vary your diet. This will help reduce cholesterol and heart disease.
• Still need convincing? Pick up a copy of Fast Food Nation. That’ll put you off the factory farm stuff.

Happily there are those who raise animals who treat them with respect and feed them what they are supposed to eat. The animals are not pumped full of chemicals. Wouldn’t you rather eat something like that?

Eating less meat helps the environment and you. Funny how a healthy environment and a healthy you correlate.

Ontario Goes Nuclear…Again. Pushes Back Coal Phase Out
Is there any good news anymore? Read all about it. Are you furious? The Ontario Clean Air Alliance urges you to take action.

Join the March!!
Over 390,000 to date have signed up to stop global warming. That’s good news. Join us!

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red jane said...

As much as I hate the fact that people still see a need or feel it's their right to eat, abuse and have dominion over animals, I agree that if you won't stop eating them at least try to make a conscientious choice in what you are eating. No More Bull is an excellent book by the Mad Cowboy himself, Howard Lyman; he was the cattle rancher that was responsible for Oprah's ensuing lawsuit against the texas cattle ranchers. After appearing on her show, Oprah vowed never to eat another hamburger again.That's since changed, however.... Not only is a carnivourous diet an environmental disater but the anount of violence and inhumanity that accompanies mass factory farming and the chain of food production contributes to our society's overall level of violence and inhumanity towards each other and all sentient beings: violence begets violence. Every choice one makes regarding how we live our lives increases tenfold in the larger scheme of things through a trickle down or magnification process. That fast food burger or steakhouse meal travelled a brutally horrific, destructive path to make it to the plate. It's an uncomfortable subject for many people, to think about where their food comes from; but I feel it's our responsibility as conscientious consumers and compassionate human beings to educate ourselves about the choices we make. Plus, the plant based options available are fantastic these days- for those that love their meat, you can fake it unlike you've ever done before- your heart, health and the environment will love you for it.