Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vote Out Carbon Fatties

The federal election is upon us and I can hardly stand the suspense! Looks like Harper and his carbon obese entourage are stalling in their quest for all mighty five-year-rule. That’s five years of unmitigated carbon binging. Imagine what that will do to your kids' future, and yours.

Coming up from third place is Jack Layton’s NDP, which, thank heavens, knows we need to trim up via a good wholesome diet of energy efficiency and renewable energy development. Now their proposed mechanism on how we get there - cap & trade – needs some work, but at least their hearts are in the right place and they are likely receptive to better ideas. Unlike Harper.

But isn’t Harper a better steward of the economy? Sure – if you like to see the gulf between rich and poor widen, would rather see tar sand development continue to carve out our manufacturing sector, and don’t believe what a growing number of economists are telling us – that the costs of inaction on climate change will far outweigh the costs associated with action.

First step, please vote. If there are young adults in your lives, encourage them to do so as well.

Vote strategically if you live in a swing riding. I know some of you think that doing so is an affront to democracy. Try a Harper majority. The man has been whittling away at our democracy for a few years now. Imagine what he will do in five years of uncontested power?

Here are a few sites to assist you:

AVAAZ - Take Back Democracy
Provides insights into your riding. Just type in your postal code

Catch 22
Targets swing ridings with volunteers on the ground encouraging strategic voting

Canadians for Coalition
My group! Please sign the open letter to Layton and Ignatieff to consider forming a coalition government or legislative alliance should a minority Conservative government demonstrate yet again an unwillingness to work with the opposition.

Join us on Facebook - Coalition/108826285865447

Follow us on Twitter - @coalitionnow

Let’s take our democracy back – and build a sustainable economy.

Vote! Don’t Blow it!

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