Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carbon Slimming Update

Much is happening on the carbon slim front. I’ve been quite active of late. The following is a quick recap.

Bill C-311
The Climate Change Accountability Bill is now before the Senate, which is dominated by the Conservatives, thanks to Mr. Harper. There is fear that this Bill, which sets science-based greenhouse gas emissions targets, will die before the non-elected Conservative-heavy Senate.

For a sample email or letter to send to Senators and a list of Senator emails click here. Please do send the message. It will take a quick minute of your time.

I sent the letter and received a reply from Conservative Senator Marjory LeBreton. Unimpressed with her arguments, I sent her a reply. Click here to read what I wrote to her and her colleagues in the Senate.

The Fake Lake Summit
The G20 is coming to Toronto. You know, that billion dollar attempt to sideline the most important issues of our time and literally build a wall to separate the G-participants from the Toronto community. They are even building a fake lake because heaven forbid any G-20 representative leave the barrier zone to see a real Canadian lake or talk to ordinary folks. Due to mounting international pressure, Harper has finally agreed that the G-folks will likely talk about Climate Change when they meet.

Rather than yell my head off during the G20 Summit, I look forward to engaging in dialogue. This weekend I plan to attend the People’s Summit. For a list of other civic engagement opportunities around the Fake Lake Summit, click here.

Perhaps the best way to protest the astronomical security costs and pressing issues is for folks to stay away from the barrier, and engage in Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods through public theatre, soap box debate – anything to draw attention and encourage dialogue. Can you imagine all these security forces with all their toys with nothing to do? You think the expense looks bad now....

The Gulf Oil Leak
The earth is hemorrhaging oil in the Gulf. Obama has called for criminal litigation into the BP disaster, as well as regulating the industry – finally. BP must pay fully for their crime, if anything to send a strong signal to all corporations that they simply cannot cut corners on public safety and the environment. And of course, the government, representing public interests, must once again regulate industry.

Despite this nightmare in the Gulf, Harper is considering off-shore drilling in the Arctic. The WWF is circulating a petition to halt this drilling until environmental protection is assured. Please sign it. Click here.

When I’m not writing to politicians, I’m gardening. This year I created a raised bed garden in an effort to produce greater yields. I dug out soil a spade deep, two feet by four, and laid in composted manure, and then added back the soil. I created about 10 beds in total. The loose fertilized soil encourages deeper root growth, which allows for vegetables to cozy up closer together. I was very late in preparing and seeding my garden this year. The veggies are growing, but are still fairly young. I just spent the last few days thinning out the beets, carrots and onions. It’s time labored work, but well worth it, especially when the dove coos while I garden.

Solar Hot Water Heater
GreenSaver is assessing the best place for the solar hot water heater on our roof. They may need to build a base to place the system so that it lies flat on our peaked roof. I’ll find out in a week their recommendations.

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