Wednesday, November 04, 2009

C-Day Rally Draws Thousands for Climate Action

On October 24, thousands of Canadians joined together on Parliament Hill to call for a fair, ambitious and binding treaty on climate change. We were part of an international effort, facilitated by, which saw hundreds of thousands of global citizens engage in more than 4,000 climate rallies worldwide.

Our rally came on the heels of some dispiriting news from Canada's Environment Minister, who stated that global representatives will likely not decide on a binding climate treaty this year - Ottawa dashes hope for climate treaty in Copenhagen

Tzeporah Berman, Executive Director of PowerUP Canada and Co-Founder of Forest Ethics, spoke at the C-Day rally. She started her speach by citing this news report, calling our government's inaction on climate change a scandal. How can any government - anyone - know of the danger of runaway global warming but elect to do very little about it? Too much is at stake with so much opportunity. Tzeporah devoted much of her speach to this opportunity and to the dream to turn our country around.

There is still time. Leaders meet in Copenhagen this December. Sign the KYOTOplus petition and write to your MP and Minister of the Environment. You can do all that by visiting

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Doug Miller said...

Well done!
Wish I could have participated but I was there in spirit like a majority of Canadians who are outraged at our government's climate non-policy.
Doug Miller