Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garbage Strike Smargage Strike

Toronto, the city where I live, is currently enjoying a garbage strike. As people gnash their teeth over the mounting trash, Jane and I are diverting our organics to our compost which feeds our garden. We’re also nonplussed about landfill-bound garbage as we purchase products with minimal packaging.

Suffering from garbage strike woes? Take control on waste. Reduce it and feed your organics back to plants that feed you or brighten your day.

On composting, click here.

On reducing your garbage, click here.

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Joost Hoogstrate said...

Yes Cheryl we need to take a stand for the upkeep of our environment. There might be indifferent people who don’t care about how what they do has a major impact on their surroundings. It is of course challenging to be the minority. But we in need to not give up if we want to change our environment.

Keep on keeping on!
Joost Hoogstrate