Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Carbon Slim – Swishing your way into Echo-Fashion

For all you clothes swappers, there’s a name for what you do. It’s called swishing, and it’s all the rage now that the world economy is in the toilet.

I went to a swishing event a few weeks ago with no knowledge that it actually has a name. Indeed, in the UK it even has a website:

What, exactly, is Swishing?
According to

Dictionary Definition: To rustle, as silk.

Our definition: To rustle clothes from friends.

The Art of Swishing involves getting your friends together to swap gorgeous clothes and party at the same time. Every lady must bring at least one good quality, clean item of clothing, or an accessory, that she'd feel proud to hand on. (Large sacks of designer frocks are also gratefully received. And people who bring along anyone else with a bulging wardrobe.)

My Swishing Story
The Swishing event I attended, hosted by the wonderful Nina Okens, was a great opportunity to enjoy local wine and potluck treats, catch up with old friends and augment my wardrobe. Nina did a great job arranging the items according to type: coats, slacks, blouses, accessories, etc. As a costume designer she has easy access to coat racks which helped. It was like shopping, only in Nina’s living room.

Did I score? Absolutely. Two great summer slacks – for free - in time for the season.

I must confess, I have a problem shopping in second hand stores. I don’t know if it’s the smell or my middle-class upbringing, but it puts me off. Swishing is a great solution. I swap clothes with friends or friends of friends, and socialize while I’m at it. I clean out my closet, get free new clothes, meet new people and catch up with old friends. It’s win-win.

Organizing a Swishing event is easy. Have some clothes you want to get rid of? Why not facebook your friends and arrange a Swishing party? Great for your pocketbook and good for the environment. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I mean, with all the clothes in the world, why crank out and transport more?

Upcoming Events

Earth Day Events
April 22. Find out what’s happening in your community -

If you live in Toronto, the following events may be of interest. I'll be at most of them. Hope to see you there!

Living on Earth as if we want to stay
April 17 – 7pm to 8:30pm
Centre for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Ave. 4th floor

Why Green Energy? - Renewable Solutions with Dr. David Suzuki & Dr. Hermann Scheer
April 23 – 6:30
Convocation Hall, University of Toronto

Green Living Show
April 24 – 26
Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place

Hot Docs Festival
April 30 – May 10
Hot Docs is screening several enviro-themed films. Many point to big problems, of which I am aware. I'd rather be inspired than depressed. That's why I've bought tickets to see Fierce Light, When Spirit Meets Action and The Yes Men Fix the World.

In the News

Tiny Saskatchewan town turns carbon trap into cash
God help us all.

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