Thursday, February 05, 2009

Carbon Slim for the Kids

I visited my brother's family in Vancouver this past week, spending quality time with my four and three year old niece and nephew. That trip across the country is my first of the year. It's also my last if I am to keep my commitment to cut my air travel by half from 2008.

It's ironic but visiting my niece and nephew reminds me why I count my carbon calories and write about it every week. Lauren and Keefe and everyone in their generation should not have to pay for our excess.

Thank goodness for Windows Live Messenger and our webcam which enables us to talk to each other face to face (for free!) when we are thousands of kilometers away. Not as good as the real thing but a great tool to stay connected while keeping carbon slim.

In honour of my niece and nephew, I want to leave you with a simple yet brilliant message from an up and comer. Changing priorities to live happily and sustainably depends on you and me. Be the change you want to see.

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