Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Green Prezies for those Gett’n Hitched

My niece is getting married and she and her fiancé are planning a ‘green’ wedding. To get into the green spirit, Jane and have purchased an eco-friendly wedding present and will take the train to the Ottawa Valley where the wedding takes place.

Do you have a wedding to go to? Why not purchase a wedding gift that’s absolutely fabulous for the couple and the planet. Here are some planet-friendly gift ideas…
  • Organic cotton, hemp or bamboo bed sheets, towels, blankets, pillows, throws.
  • Recycled glassware such as Protect our Earth Glasses - recycled glasses made from the bottom halves of Bordeaux bottles.
  • Bamboo cutting boards, bowels, plates, cups, utensils.
  • Solar oven or solar barbecue.
  • Fair trade furniture.

Thank goodness for gift registries! My niece has one set up through The Bay – with some eco-friendly gifts set for purchase. Some green companies, such as those listed below, are savvy enough to offer gift registries through their websites.

Branch, Greenfeet, GreenSage and VivaTerra

In the News

Province studying electric vehicles
BC and Quebec have given electric vehicles the green light. Ontario is still at red light in study mode.

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