Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Now Harper?

Bill McKibben wrote a very disturbing article in the LA Times. I was so upset I wrote to Prime Minister Harper.

In a nutshell, McKibben points out that the planet’s leading climatologists have issued a dire warning – either seriously get us on the road to reducing carbon dioxide by 2012 or doom our species to a terrible decline. We need to get the parts per million of carbon dioxide down to 350. We’re at 385 right now and growing. We need to go on a serious diet immediately.

Click here for McKibben’s article

Click here for my letter to Harper


This is serious business. As I pointed out in my very first blog installment, we are the generation entrusted to turn this climate problem around. We can either sit around and wait for someone to take action or we take action ourselves and that means dropping our elected officials a line from time to time. I can assure you, the chances of success increase exponentially if we take action.

Please write to Harper, Bush and anyone else in a position to make things happen. Voice your concern about the warnings of the world’s leading climatologists and ask your leaders what they plan to do about it.

They do take our concerns seriously (or should). One email/letter equals 1000 others who feel the same way but don’t bother to write. Here’s how to contact your federal reps:

Government of Canada – MPs

Harper’s Email:

U.S. Federal Government

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