Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pretty Privy Conserves and Cuts Costs

Jane and I bought a new toilet! This porcelain potty packs a punch when it comes to water savings. Our previous privy flushed away 13.5 litres of respectable clean water every time we pressed the lever. The replacement, the American Standard Cadet 3 Flush Right, flushes away just six litres. The flush works like a charm no matter what the…ahem…job may be.

Dare I add, the new toilet is quite attractive too.

Once upon a time six litre toilets were so ineffective people had to flush numerous times, defeating the purpose of the ‘efficient’ toilet. It was so bad that my plumber refused to install them. When he saw we bought the Flush Right, he was quite pleased. And he’s right. It flushes like a charm!

I had hoped to purchase the dual flush model, where you can choose a 4 litre or 6 litre flush depending on the situation. Unfortunately they were all sold out of the dual models when we were looking; we wanted to take advantage of time-sensitive deal with our plumber. Jane and I still observe the yellow mellow rule to reduce our water use. It’s nice to know we’ve cut our toilet water consumption in half.

Other water cutting measures in our household:
  • We got over our need to be super clean and now shower every other day. No complaints (from others) so far.
  • We’ve bought a water barrel to collect rain water for use in our garden.
  • During garden season, we place a bowl in the sink to collect water – using this ‘grey’ water in the garden.
  • We don’t let the water run unnecessarily.

Next Big Purchase: an energy and water efficient washing machine.

In the News

A number of articles and editorials from the New York Times recently caught my eye:

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New York’s City Council approved e-waste bill, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg threatens to veto it.

Ethanol by the Numbers
The right way and the wrong way.

Move Over, Oil, There’s Money in Texas Wind
Wind turbines are much p’urtier than those dang oil rigs. They’re also revitalizing small Texan towns.

Coral Reefs and What Ruins Them

Human Shadows on the Seas

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