Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Green Blues

Ok – you decide to educate yourself on this global warming business. What does it mean? What’s it all about? You read distressing books and articles – sometimes even before going to bed. You attend films with images of dooms day charts and ticking clocks and dying polar bears. You find yourself engaged in thoughtful discussions about hottest days on record, government inaction and intensity targets with friends, relatives, colleagues and taxi drivers – anyone willing to listen.

Then one day you come home, crumble into a heap on the floor and start balling your eyes out. You’re keening for God’s sake. Keening! And then there you are – you – slouched on the couch staring without emotion at your neighbour’s SUV.

You are suffering from the green blues.

And really it is understandable. The information stewing about in your brain is starting to hit home. With our biosphere heading towards turmoil, we’re really truly – this ain’t no joke - talking about the possible end of the world as we know it. More pointedly, that sustains most species including us – our decedents. Your children. It’s horrible. It’s terrible news that you and I would rather not know about. But it’s there. It’s not going away.

I’ve hit bouts of depression over this. I’ve cried and cried. I’ve felt hopeless. I’ve also been driven by the fact that it’s not too late. I’m no help to anyone when I’m slumped in a stupor mumbling about the stupidity of humankind.

It’s important to feel upset. I encourage you to allow yourself to go there. Until we feel upset, deeply saddened and angry will the danger finally hit home. It’s an important place to visit but don’t linger for too long. We need you to take meaningful action to reduce your carbon footprint.

When I find myself wanting to curl into an embryonic ball, I remind myself of important pick-me-ups in my life….

Turning the Blues back to Green
  • I read the Utne Reader, Resurgence and Yes to learn about wonderful people doing wonderful things for a sustainable future.
  • I find out about politicians and other leaders who are as passionate as me to find exciting solutions to our environmental nightmare.
  • Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see.” I remind myself that I am committed to reducing my personal carbon footprint by 10 percent this time next year. No use complaining about others if I’m not taking action myself.
  • I take a walk in the woods or by the lake. Studies show that we feel a heck of a lot better when we connect with nature.
  • Yoga really helps.
  • Praying is not a bad idea either.

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