Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Down to Earth

It’s April. A month of spring cleaning, bike tuning and hauling out the spring wear. It’s also a time to focus more attention on the planet, although lately we hardly need a special day for that any more.

Earth Day is April 22nd; however, activities take place throughout the month. While we can no longer open a newspaper and channel surf without finding some information on climate change, pollution, chemical poisoning and other environmental problems, Earth Day is a great time to make a political statement, make your home and business a little bit more greener or simply take advantage of a city or business initiative to recycle the stuff in your place you don’t know quite what to do with.

Now is the time to plan your Earth Day activities. It’s a great opportunity to switch all your light bulbs over to the fluorescents, make the day a low energy day, or invite your family or friends on a hike or bike ride along the water. Why not have a eco-friendly party?

It may be April, but it’s time to March!!

Let the Harper government know that Canada needs a leader on piloting us through the climate change quagmire. On April 22, take to the streets in Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto!
Start locations: Toronto: King and John at 2pm Ottawa: Parliament Hill at 2pm Montreal: To be announced

Contact the Sierra Youth Coalition at for more information.

Write to your MP!

March on Washington! Let Bush know for all its worth that Mama Nature ain’t none too happy. ‘Cause really, we’re either with her or against her. There ain’t no in between. For more information, click here.

Contact your representative!

Earth Day Activities
To find out more about the Earth Day goings on in your community, or to post an event, visit:

Earth Day Network

Earth Day Canada

Remember to also visit your city’s website. They tend to post Earth Day activities, especially to assist in your spring cleaning initiatives. In Toronto, for example….

Toronto’s Community Environment Days – The moment I’ve been waiting for!!!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!! Check out the date and location that suites you, gather all the stuff that needs recycling that can’t go in the bin, like old computers, cell phones, toxic materials and hand them over to the city. They’ll properly dispose of them for you.

Wait there’s more!

You can even pick up leaf compost for your garden. Does it not get any better than that!?!

I’m also looking forward to The Green Living Show at Toronto’s exhibition April 27-29. Learn how to live a little greener. Pick up great tips! Al Gore will be there (sold out…bummer). So will David Suzuki. Even Daryl Hannah and Margaret Atwood. Will you?

In the News

The Government’s Clean Air (and Climate Change) Act – Now we’re cooking with…renewable fuel
See what happens when we all just get along?

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