Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One Years Old

A Year Ago this Week!
Happy Anniversary 60 Percent Campaign! It was a year ago this week when I launched the 60 Percent Campaign to address our personal contribution to climate change and what we can do to minimize our greenhouse gas footprints.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. I really didn’t know how long my weekly installments would last or that I’d have so much to cover. The great news is that within this past year I have noticed a tremendous increase in awareness on the issues concerning climate change. I’m sure you have too.

A year ago, climate change was hardly on the radar. Whenever mainstream media covered this issue they often said that it was still questioned in the scientific community. Now the common press no longer has doubts. Even Stephen Harper, Canada’s Conservative PM, is acknowledging that the planet is warming up thanks to us humans. Of course, he has to. Canadians have strongly expressed their concern for the environment and he wants their votes. It’s one thing to respond to the needs of voters, however, quite another to have a vision for effective change. But he’s acknowledging it…he just needs to convince his friend George W.

There is a movement, a groundswell, taking place right now. I am convinced that our descendents will regard this groundswell as a critical defining period in human history. And guess what, we are part of this movement. Every compact florescent light bulb you use, every energy efficient appliance you purchase, every piece of material you recycle, every less thing you buy, every organic produce you eat, every green-conscious politician you vote for matters because it is part of the momentum towards a greener economy and society.

Just think, you will tell your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews that you were part of this movement. Things were looking grim but you – yes you - helped turn it around. Gives you goose bumps, doesn’t it? Well it gives me goose bumps.

Still cynical? Here are just two good news green stories that will warm your pessimistic heart. There are countless stories just like these ones.

First Zero-Waste Convention
First of all – hurray to convention planners! This week in Toronto, convention planners from around the world came together for, what else, a convention. What’s the big deal? Well this convention was the first zero-waste convention. Everything they used is now being recycled. That includes 90,000 cans and bottles, 75,000 cups, 875,000 napkins and 62,500 plates. Second Harvest, an organization that redistributes fresh food to people in need, picked up the excess food. Let’s hope the planners go away and apply what they learned.

Politicians and People Who Give a Damn - Oakland, California
Oakland has been one of those American cities that scare Canadians. One of those places where you don’t want to make a wrong turn and end up in. Until now. Oakland is changing.

Once an industrial manufacturing hub, Oakland didn’t fair so well under globalization. Small businesses shut down and large polluting businesses stayed. The poor got poorer and Oakland became…well…the murder capital of California.

Enter Oakland residents who wanted to put an end to their vicious circle and a former Congressman who they convinced to run for mayor. Ron Dellums realized that he could make a difference. He campaigned on reviving the city through green capital, that is investing in renewable energy in Oakland and galvanizing its poorest citizens to help make it happen. The people of Oakland had the choice between Dellums’ vision or a vision that would serve the affluent and do nothing for the poor.

They chose Dellums.

Is it working? Read on….

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Thanks for your comment over at The Coffee House regards wind farms. Our blog has moved to
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You're absolutely right that 2006 saw almost a sea change in public opinion regards climate change. So many people now have it on their radar and are asking the question; 'What can I do?' & 'What should the politicians and big business be doing'. Great stuff! There's at least some hope that improvements ca be made.

Matt Burge