Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We’ll have fun fun fun ‘til my daddy takes my autoshare away….

Last week’s installment on jet fuel and greenhouse gas emissions was depressing. I’m still bummed out about it. In one trip, I added a significant chunk to my annual greenhouse gas contribution.

Thankfully, this installment isn’t depressing….not really. Earlier I had mentioned that cars are lousy investments. Read on to find a great alternative….

TO Think About This Week

If you live in a city, you may have access to a car sharing service. Jane and I are members of AutoShare, and it’s great. We pay a fee that is returned to us when we end our membership, as well as a small monthly amount depending on the plan we are on, and then a set rate by the hour whenever we use it. More than seventy-five cars are at parking lots throughout the city, so they are relatively easy to access.

What’s the Big Deal?
There are many advantages:
  • We use a car only when we feel we really need it, such as transporting heavy items – major shopping, delivering clothes and items to Goodwill…. It’s great for convenience and significantly reduces our greenhouse gas contribution.
  • Car sharing slashes annual transportation costs – fuel, insurance and parking.
  • This includes the inconvenience and frustration over mechanical breakdowns.
  • We drive a relatively new car, which is fuel efficient.
  • We pay for a service, not for an investment that is guaranteed to depreciate significantly.


  • Not so good if you drive out of town on a regular basis. The kilometer/mileage will kill you financially. Most car share companies should have a good discount deal with regular rental companies. That’s what we do now if we want to get away.
  • If you have active kids, may not be the most convenient arrangement.
  • If your business depends on carting things around…it’s not for you.
  • Only in select urban areas

A Car Share Near You: – click here for a comprehensive list of car sharing companies in cities around the world.

Don’t have a car sharing service in your town? Why not start one?

Stop Global Warming
More than 507,300 to date have signed up to stop global warming. Join us!

In the News
The Government of Canada’s “Clean Air Act”

Clean up your 2020! Ah, it’s good for a laugh. But at least they’re exhuming EnerGuide….well, it won’t be called EnerGuide because it had “Liberal” written all over it. BUT…the popular incentive program to encourage homeowners to retrofit their homes for increased energy efficiency is promised to return.

For more on the government’s much anticipated “Clean Air Act” check out:

National Post – “Harper presses forward with Clean Air Act despite opposition” – “Clean Air Act an illusion: Suzuki”
Yahoo Canada – “Clean Air Act will bring decades-old car emissions legislation into force”
David Suzuki Foundation – “New federal Clean Air Act won’t clean air”

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saulcolt said...

Congrats joining a Car Sharing Program!

Just thought I would chime in and say i love your blog AND thought you might like to know that Autoshare is not the only Car Sharing option in Toronto. Zipcar has been operating since June and already have over 130 cars! There is no deposit to join and no monthly fees.

Check it out at

how do I know all this...........well cause I work here!


p.s. Use the promo code "nearby" and you will also get $50 in free driving!