Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Green Wheels

Green AirWaves
Thanks to Alex Smith for tuning me in to, an online radio station that talks green. If you’ve read The Weather Makers or would like to, there’s a great little interview of author Tim Flannery that you can download.

According to Alex, who is the station’s operator, the station has “no hidden agenda, nothing to sell, no commercials, no software download needed. Just a labour of love, spinning out news, interviews, speeches, and music about the environment to anyone who will listen. Each month, thousands do.” Now you can too.

Forum on Climate Change
Quick reminder to Torontonians that the St. Lawrence Centre Forum on Climate Change is this Monday at 7:30pm. It’s free but seats are available on a first come basis so arrive earlyish. I have a feeling it’s going to be packed.

Ask the Expert
The Ontario Clean Air Alliance hosts a series of online chats where experts offer advice on what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. The Internet knows no borders. You don’t have to be from Ontario to log in.

TO Think About This Week
Now that you’re thinking long term and trying to come up with $60,000 for your dream wind-solar-geothermal energy system for your home, why not throw in an extra $25,000 for your very own hybrid car?

Being green doesn’t have to be that expensive though. After all, you could walk, take transit or bike. But if you must drive….

What’s the Big Deal?
Gas prices are rising thanks to several factors, most notably regional instability and, in the case of the oil refineries near New Orleans, extreme weather. With a depleting world supply, fossil fuel prices will soon go through the roof. Why do you think Canada is so gung ho about its oil sands? Refining that muck is an expensive process, one that oil companies avoided for years due to the availability of accessible oil. Now they’re delving into the dregs. It’s a bad sign.

If you must have a car please think about investing in one that is fuel efficient. For a list of the most and least efficient cars, visit or EnerGuide’s list on Natural Resource’s Canada’s site.

According to David Suzuki – 16,000 Canadians die prematurely due to air pollution. There are 17 million SUVs, vans and light duty trucks in Canada alone. They are responsible for 15 percent of Canada’s carbon dioxide emissions. I’m afraid to research what the figures are like in the States.

How can we learn to drive less? If you are thinking of moving, please avoid the suburbs and chose a location near reliable public transportation. You will save a bundle and reduce your carbon footprint.

Stop Global Warming
More than 483,000 to date have signed up to stop global warming. Join us!

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