Thursday, August 03, 2006

Repelling Insect Vampires

How’s that for a compelling title? Of course I’m referring to the dastardly mosquito, put on the planet for the sole purpose of tormenting us poor human beings. Do you know that public service announcements in the 1950s portrayed ‘pests’ (insects that went about their business to eat) as communists (the red horde!) and that the only way to stop them was through pesticides (originally developed during the wars to kill people).

Alrighty then…

TO Do This Week

DEET is our friend. Many people believe this to be true. DEET projects us from the mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus….

What’s the Big Deal? DEET is a pesticide. It absorbs into your skin and can find its way into your blood stream. High concentrations of it can affect your nervous system, including muscle strength and coordination. We know this because of DEET’s use by the US military during the Gulf War. God only knows what was going on. Was the military experimenting on its own soldiers? That of course is another story. We also know of DEET’s affect on the body due to tests on rats. Now rats are not humans. Rats or any other animal shouldn’t even be tested. That’s another story as well. Normal human application of DEET seriously affects animals and the environment.

For more information visit Duke Medical News and Canada’s Environmental Health

Jane and I are taking off for the weekend! Thank goodness! We’re going to my sister and brother-in-laws’ idyllic cottage by a river. Mosquitoes love it there too! That’s why we're bringing our trusted citronella with us. These alternatives will not last as long as DEET. No harm in reapplying.

Other healthier repellent alternatives, visit Ideal Bites’ Itchy and Scratchy show.

Also remember to

- Remove pools of water from around your home such as gutters, wheel barrels and anything else that collects water.

- Repair or install screens on your windows and patio doors.

- Cover your arms with long sleeve shirts, wear pants and socks during evenings.

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