Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Green Sun Worshippers

One in two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. One in three women will be diagnosed as well. Either you or someone you care about has battled cancer and/or will be diagnosed sometime in the future.

Why is this statistic so high? Part of the reason is an aging population and unhealthy lifestyles. Another reason is the chemicals we ingest, inhale and put on our bodies.

My blog focuses on global warming but also on sustainability. How will we function in a world that we continue to poison?

It’s summer!! Time for the sunscreen. You probably know where this one’s heading….

TO Do This Week

Choose chemical-free sunscreens! Any health food store should carry it. You’re probably wondering if they will actually do the job. Isn’t it interesting how much faith we have in man-made chemicals?

Jane and I use Soleil, a natural sunblock by derma, which works wonderfully well.

What’s the Big Deal – Sunscreen is supposed to protect the skin from the sun’s UV-A, which cause free radicals. Free radicals disrupt living cells and lead to nasty diseases and conditions, including cancer. A burn and tan are signs of damaged skin, or free radicals at work.

However, the chemicals in some sunscreens create free radicals when applied over time.

Not only are the chemicals in sunscreen bad for our bodies, they are bad for soil and water and creatures that live in them. Scientists have discovered that male hornyhead turbot and English sole off the Californian coast are being feminized thanks to oxybenzone, a chemical found in sunscreens.

For more information and a recommended list of sunscreens, visit Ideal Bite on Sunscreen

Not too sure about your favourite product? Visit Skin Deep to find out how it rates in terms of safety.

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skip said...

i'm just recently got the chemical to cancer relationship. a link between the crap in the sunscreen makes so much sense yet i'd never had thought of it until i read it here. thanks!