Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wonderful People Doing Fabulous Things

Now that I am on about electricity use, I want to let you know about Greg Kiessling, an entrepreneur in Ontario who recently started Bullfrog, a company that offers consumers a choice to pay for wind and low-impact Hydro energy, rather than nuclear and coal-fired electricity generation. For you non-Ontarians, I promise wonderful examples of wonderful non-Ontarians doing fabulous things in the very near future (there are countless examples).

I first found out about Bullfrog when I was at Grassroots, a great little eco-store in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood. The gals in the store were quite thrilled because they just signed onto Bullfrog and are the first business in Toronto to do so. Now technically, the grid does not differentiate where the energy comes from. Alternative energy sources make up a small percentage at this point in time. That of course will change. The Grassroots gals said they were paying a bit more, but they were quite chuffed in knowing that their money was supporting local alternative energy companies. Of course, the more who buy into Bullfrog, the greater the demand for renewable energy. The feds may not want to invest in renewables, but individuals certainly can!

An article in the Jan 1, 2006 Toronto Star quotes Kiessling as saying: “Every new gram of nuclear waste we create is another gram that has to be protected. It’s one thing to download on your kids’ generation, but another to download on the next several thousand generations.”

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